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?e? sa? e?pa p???ata pa???e?a. ?s? p????sa [a??pt??a] ??? a?t?? t?? ?ate???? ?e?????a, se ?a p???? ????. ?e ap?? ????a, ?s? p????sa. ?a? a?t? e??a? ? ?e?ape?t??? t?? ?????s?a? a? ??a t? ???. ? ???? ? d?a?????? t?? ???e a????p??. ???t? st?? ?????s?a ta ????e ??a. ??t? ??sae. ???e f???, st? ?e?t?????a ?sa a?t? ???e, ???e f???, e; St?e? ?a???, st?e? et? f???. ?? e?pa? ?? ??????e??? ?ta? ?pefte ? d??????, St?e? ?a???, et? f???, t?p?ta ????. ??e? st?a????, e?e? [st?? Te?] st?a????!




[1]. a???????? ?? ?e?????ta? t??? a????p??? t?? pe?? Te?? e????a? ?a? e?? ta ??? ??ta ap?st?af??ta? (????? pe?? t?? e?a????p?se?? t?? ?????).

[2]. [?e?? ?a? ?a?? Te?? este ???t?? - ?? ???. 6:16]



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